About Our Products

All of our current and future products at The Bearded Moose are handmade with 100% all natural ingredients. 

Premium Beard Oils:

All of our beard oils come equipped with a child safety locking dropper.  Before being shipped, all oils are individually packed and sealed to ensure no dripping or leaking while en route to your door!  The base of our oils is natural and organic jojoba oil(very similar to our natural body oils, excellent moisturizer), natural and organic sweet almond oil(chalked full of natural vitamin E and vitamin A, also may prevent hair from falling out during itching, rubbing, or everyday activity), natural and organic coconut oil(excellent moisturizer, can act as a natural antibacterial shield, naturally UV protective), and Vitamin E(normalizes oil production and pH levels, strong antioxidant, naturally conditions hair and scalp).  Our scents are derived from all natural essential oils or other all natural sources. 


Premium Beard Balms:

Note: Our balms are completely 100% natural and may melt down at higher temperatures during shipping.  Once back in room temperature, the balm will solidify again.  After solidifying, balm may be somewhat grainy.  This is normal and if balm appears grainy just heat product up in hands before applying, like we advise anyway! No worries at all! The base of our balm is natural and organic shae butter, candelila wax, natural and organic jojoba oil, and natural and organic sweet almond oil.  We add vitamin E to normalize oil production and pH levels.  Vitamin E is also a natural hair and scalp conditioner. All scents are derived from all natural essential oils.  Fun Fact: We use candelila wax instead of bee's wax because candelila is all natural and can safely be used by anyone with a bee allergy and also can be used by pure and true vegans.

Premium Aftershave:

Our aftershave is one of our personal favorite products! We use 100% pure aloe vera, alcohol free witch hazel, 100% vegetable based glycerin, vitamin D, vitamin E, 100% pure peppermint oil, and 100% pure tea tree oil.  Our aftershave is designed to be nourishing, moisturizing, and repairing on a fresh shaved skin.  You will notice a cooling and tingling sensation from the peppermint and tea tree oils and you will be free of ANY itching or burning! Our aftershave is alcohol free so no burning or irritation will occur, even with a nick or a cut.  This is truly a product you will have to try to see how magnificent it really is! No matter your application style, our included dropper will make this the best and easiest application you have experienced yet!

Premium Skin Repair Cream:

Our skin repair cream is literally for any and everybody! This is great for so many reasons!! It's perfect on dry, cracked skin(hands, feet, etc).  It's alcohol free 100% natural moisturizing formula makes it perfect for a new tattoo ointment.  Lifters and athletes, it is perfect on softening your calluses!! All across the board it works wonders!! Made with organic shae butter, organic carrier oils, and most importantly...organic honey!! Yes, real honey!! Talk about amazing healing qualities!! Then we top it off with some essential oils and added vitamins!! With this cream, a little goes a LONG way! Like all our products, start with a very small amount(less than what you think you'll need) and work into skin.  Add more as needed.

Premium Body Soap

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Premium Shampoo & Conditioner:

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